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When I was in grad school, I was often reminded by professors and students alike that organic agriculture couldn’t feed the world, and that I should just be grateful for the advent of chemical fertilizers. I’d never even thought to challenge these assumptions while I was still in the halls of academia. Luckily, one of my agricultural heroes, Joel Salatin, of Polyface Farms in Virginia, decided that he’d take that one on for the rest of us. Thank you, Joel! 🙏 Your talk was incredibly inspiring on so many different levels! I hope you enjoy the link below that will take you directly to a YouTube video posted by reOrganism (thank you, reOrganism!) of Joel’s talk entitled, ‘Can We Feed The World?’. I hope you’ll find as much, if not more, inspiration from this video as I did. There’s some really interesting history that Joel weaves in as well. Thanks for stopping by, Drew P.S. Yes, that’s actually food waste I’m holding in my hands in the picture above. It’s just been through many, many earthworms and worked on by more bacteria and fungi and protozoans than there are people here on this planet. You can create beautiful organic matter like this for yourself from all the food waste you and those around you generate. It’s easier than you might think 😊 #joelsalatin #polyfacefarm #canwefeedtheworld #organicagriculture #sustainableagriculture #animalagriculture #smallscalefarming #smallscalesolutions #carbonfarming #carbonsequestration #purplegloveorganics

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