Getting started!

Purple Glove Organics is dedicated to helping you become successful at recycling all your food waste in a fast, efficient, and inexpensive way.

To get started, follow this easy 3 step plan:

1.  Contact Purple Glove Organics and indicate that you are interested in recycling your food waste, and want to set up a FREE initial consultation.

2.  Drew Mather, owner of Purple Glove Organicswill meet individually with you (either in person if within reasonable driving distance in Santa Cruz or surrounding Counties here in California or via Skype or other free video conferencing applications) to determine your on-site food waste generation, and help you find the best possible on-site system and location for recycling your food waste. 

Spoiler alert! 

For most families it will involve only about 10 square feet, and sometimes only about $100 in materials!

3.  Post consultation will include a detailed report of how you can start composting your food waste on-site and keep your system functioning correctly.


And once you are up and running recycling your own food waste, after a few months, you should be able to successfully harvest your first batch of the finest plant food nature can provide.

Don’t delay, contact PGO today! 

Click HERE to set up your first FREE initial consultation!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!


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