Purple Glove Organics (PGO) is a locally based, service-oriented food waste recycling business in La Selva Beach, California.  We are dedicated to helping you recycle as much food waste as you can at your own home or business.

It is estimated that worldwide, each year, 1/3 of all food produced for human consumption is wasted, amounting to approximately 1.6 BILLION metric tons.

In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that approximately 35 million tons of food waste are sent to landfills or incinerated each year (http://www.epa.gov/foodrecovery/).

Of that 35 million tons, can you guess how much is recycled?

Only 5%!  Yes, 5%.

We can do so much better! We have the technology.  And guess what, it’s not complicated.

Every decision we make here on this planet has a consequence.  You putting a piece of food in your garbage can has the consequence of requiring disposal of that piece of food at a landfill outside your immediate living space.

In some cases, that landfill is very far outside your immediate living space.

Disposal of food waste takes ALOT of energy and costs you a good bit of your own hard earned money every month.  A large, fossil fuel requiring garbage truck has to come every week to your house or business to move that piece of food off your site, and dump it into a landfill where, most likely, it will decompose anaerobically and generate a greenhouse gas called methane that is 21 times more potent in terms of its warming potential compared to carbon dioxide.

Again, we can do better!

For most families and businesses, in a 10 square foot area of your backyard or business, and a little help from Purple Glove Organics, you can stop this practice of sending food waste to landfills, and start keeping food waste on site and transform it into something that will help you grow better plants, build better soils, and increase the amount of water you are able to store on-site.  This last benefit should not be lost on those us who live in this area of the world where rainfall, quite frankly, hasn’t lived up to its name.

Call Purple Glove Organics TODAY at 831-687-8684, and get started on the path to good environmental stewardship and efficient recycling of your food waste.

What’s with the name? Why Purple Gloves?

PGO was born out of a research project conducted back in the early to mid 2000’s when Drew Mather, founder of PGO, was a graduate student in the Crop and Soil Science Department at the Pennsylvania State University in State College, Pennsylvania.  Drew’s thesis advisor, Dr. Richard Stehouwer, helped him construct medium-scale vermicomposting systems to recycle food and animal wastes on the university campus.  Drew studied the organic matter transformations occurring in these ‘cool’ (40-70 degrees Fahrenheit) vermicomposting systems, and compared them to transformations occurring in regular ‘hot’ (130-170 degrees Fahrenheit) composting systems.

To receive a free PDF of this research project, please email me at purple.glove.organics@gmail.com.

Throughout the research project, a fair number of purple nitrile gloves were used to keep hands covered while mixing the food and animal wastes, and their accompanying newspaper and wood chips, to reach proper Carbon to Nitrogen (C:N) ratios for composting and vermicomposting.

Drew said to himself, back then, that if he was ever able to turn his love for vermicomposting and vermiculture into a business, he wanted to use the purple glove somewhere in his business model.

Hence, Purple Glove Organics!

For those keeping track at home, these nitrile gloves are recyclable, and can be made into other products.  Terracycle, a recycling business based in New Jersey, has taken on the challenge of recycling these nitrile gloves, as well as a whole host of other items that frequently end up in landfills, and turning them into various products including flying discs.  Check out their creation HERE!

Today, after many years of working in the environmental sciences field, Drew is committed to making sure that all your food waste never has to see a landfill again.

Contact Purple Glove Organics today to see how you can start recycling your food waste into valuable, rich, organic soil amendments that can be used to improve your community’s water quality and storage capacity.

Click HERE to learn more.


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