Purple Glove Organics (PGO) is a one person, service-based, food waste recycling consulting business located in La Selva Beach, California. 

I love to talk composting anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

Period 🙂

I hope you’ll take me up on that above statement (call or email me at 831-687-8684 or purple.glove.organics@gmail.com, respectively)

My main goal with PGO is to help you get inspired to recycle as much of your food waste as you can at your own home or your own business.

Period 🙂

I hope you’ll take me up on that above statement about my goal to help you.

I’ve been interested in food waste recycling for the most part ever since I first saw a woman demonstrating how an earthworm composting bin works at an outdoor/walk-by master gardeners plant sale in San Francisco in the late 1990’s.

It was a life changing moment for me for sure.

I’ve never been the same since. Truly.

Ever since that day I’ve been obsessed to some degree with nutrient cycling and how these tiny creatures in the soil do what they do to convert something as putrid as week old moldy food waste into something that smells like a forest.

We live in an incredibly abundant world filled with plants that are full of nutrients that can be used by other organisms on the planet (you and me included) to power our bodies, and keep them healthy.

These plants use the sun, and the soil, to obtain their nutrients.

By understanding and respecting this beautiful biochemical process, we can bring this abundance into our own lives and begin to heal our planet.

Composting is one of the easiest, most effective, most respectful things you can do as a citizen of our beautiful planet.

Composting takes all those nutrients that the plant had stored up in its body while growing and providing food to us as organisms here, and puts it back neatly in the soil for the plant’s children (aka seeds) to enjoy and flourish and keep the abundance meme/nutrient cycling going 🙂

Composting is one of those things that I think many people like to make sound more complicated and scary to others than I think it really is.

One of my main goals in working with you will be to replace any complication and fear about composting with simplicity and joy.

Composting is something so vital to the healing of our planet and ourselves.

Would you like to join me in learning more?

Send me an email and describe your situation at your home or business.

I’ll do all I can to help you.

Our planet and its abundance for you is waiting 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by.


Drew Mather

Purple Glove Organics

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