Quick peak inside our Earth Machine Compost Bin

Decided to just post a few short videos (see links below) detailing a typical emptying of our 1.3 gallon household food waste container into our 80 gallon Earth Machine Compost Bin.

I’ve used a lot of other compost bins in the past, and I’ve found this one to be the easiest way to handle the amount of food waste we generate on a daily basis (approximately 1 compost container…1.3 gallons…every other day).

CLICK on the link below for an example of the compost container we use:


Hope these videos might give you somewhat of an idea as to how easy it is to perform this most important task as an earthling đŸ™‚

Really should only should take you about 5 minutes each time to compost if you have all your tools handy and ready to go.

As always, I appreciate any feedback, comments, suggestions, and am very thankful you stopped by!


Videos links are below:

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