Welcome to Purple Glove Organics (PGO)!

Locally based in La Selva Beach (LSB), California, PGO is a composting consulting business dedicated to helping you recycle your food waste at your home or business on-site and with confidence πŸ™‚

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LATEST NEWS: (as of Nov/Dec 2020)

COMING SOON to a LSB street corner near you – A FREE give away (nutrient smoothies and energy boosters for your plants) and LIMITED compost/vermicompost by the pound ($3.00 per)

The free smoothies and energy boosters contain a mixture of compost and vermicompost in a weak dilution of water (approximately 1 part compost/vermicompost to 20 parts water for the smoothie and 1:5 for the boost).

These smoothies and boosts can help repair dry and lifeless soils by providing nutrients and microorganisms that soils need to thrive.

Why am I giving these smoothies and energy boosters away for free?

Glad you asked! πŸ™‚

I have two main reasons:

  • -I want to upcycle all of my plastic that I am using. More below on that thought.
  • -I want to share the compost/vermicompost I make here in beautiful La Selva Beach with my neighborhood. More below on that.

    Please note: these smoothies and energy boosters are for PLANTS ONLY, NOT HUMAN consumption πŸ™‚ 

    Thank you in advance for ONLY applying these smoothies and energy boosters to your PLANTS πŸ™πŸ˜Š

    Regarding upcycled plastic…

    Each week, I place alot of empty plastic containers in our blue recycling materials bin and wheel it out to our corner on Thursday evening for an early Friday morning pickup.

    I suspect you do too.

    I always wonder, ‘Might there be a better way for us to be going about this business of plastics recycling?’

    I also wonder, ‘What if we can start to reduce our plastic consumption where it starts; at the stores where we shop, buying only items packaged with biodegradable and compostable plastics and made of only these kinds of plastics.

    I wonder again, ‘What if we demanded from these same stores that we buy from that they NOT carry products that are either made of or made with non-biodegradable plastic or are packaged in the same?”

    I keep wondering, ‘What if we refused to buy any products that were packaged in non-biodegradable plastic, or were non-biodegradable plastic themselves (i.e. single use plastic straws, disposable plates, disposable cutlery, cups, etc.)?’

    I wonder some more, ‘What if we demanded from our politicians that they address the amount of plastics in our atmosphere, our oceans, our soils, and yes, even our own bodies, as vitally important issues to tackle along with climate change and the declining water quality on our planet and, more locally, our communities here along the Central Coast of California?’

    So, having wondered all of the above…

    I would like for these upcycled plastic items that will be on the corner of Arbolado and Cresta near the western entrance to Robin’s Park and filled with this compost/vermicompost water dilution to bring awareness to these plastics issues.

    I also would like to bring awareness to the importance of recycling our food waste at our residences and places of business, and that it’s actually not as hard to do as you might think.

    I want to show those of you who may be interested how to do it, and how we can all change the world by doing this simple act of organics recycling.

    Just this one simple task can start a chain reaction in our community; reducing the amount of food waste that La Selva Beach generates, and ultimately diverting all those millions of pounds of foodwaste to small, backyard compost bins in our neighborhoods to convert the materials back to rich, earthy organic matter.

    Let’s think about all that food waste we generate in our neighborhood for a moment.

    What ultimately happens to that food waste?

    Well, once the garbage truck filled with diesel fuel picks up our food waste in the gray bins in front of our homes, it goes to our landfill, dumps all of that foodwaste from the gray bins into large pits that get covered and compacted with fill material. The waste breaks down into its component parts mainly thru the use of anaerobic (without oxygen) bacteria and other microorganisms present in the fill material. These anaerobic bacteria consist of types that generate methane as a byproduct of their metabolizing the food waste. This methane gas is one of the most potent greenhouse gasses warming our atmosphere and planet. If instead of going to the landfill though, you kept your food waste on site and in a compost bin, the food waste could be broken down aerobically (with oxygen) via aerobic bacteria that convert the food waste into mainly organic matter that plants can use (i.e. earthy smelling compost).

    What if we could stop that cycle of methane generation, and instead start a cycle of soil generation?

    We could capture most, if not all, of those organic materials that you’d normally put in your gray bin and keep them at your residence and convert them back to dark, rich compost and vermicompost.

    You could then ultimately put that compost/vermicompost back into your soils around your home or business and improve the water holding capacity and overall health of your soils.

    You could grow healthy plants and food for you, your family, your employees, and your community.

    Sound too good to be true?

    It’s actually not.

    It’s actually quite easy.

    And, in most cases, it only requires about 10 square feet of space in your backyard or business.

    In addition, with a little education from PGO and the Santa Cruz County Depart of Public Works, the materials for a composting bin may be free.

    You’ll learn how to convert your food waste into a valuable organic soil amendment, and you’ll be off to the abundance races so to speak πŸ™‚


    Contact Purple Glove Organics today, and I’ll help start you on the path to recycling your food waste, and improving yours and your community’s environmental health in just a few easy steps!

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