Welcome to Purple Glove Organics (PGO)!

LATEST NEWS: (Spring/Summer 2021)


Vermicompost ($0.01 per gram) – packaged in upcycled plastic bags and containers. Click HERE to order.

Vermicompost/Rainwater Soil Amendments (Free w/ purchase of @ least 1000g of Vermicompost) – priced individually for all other inquiries. In upcycled plastic bottles.) Click HERE to order.

Composting earthworms (Eisenia foetida) to help you start your own composting journey and to help you turn your compost pile without tools- $12 per 1/2 pound.

Plant Starts (potatoes, tomatoes, avocados, date palms) – priced individually. Click HERE to order.

Free delivery within the Santa Cruz area (some restrictions apply).

COMING SOON – all above items will also be available on my Facebook and Next Door Marketplaces! Links to follow soon.


Promised LINK from my Instagram post from 2-25-21 (The Plastic Problem):

More About Purple Glove Organics:

Locally based in La Selva Beach (LSB), California, PGO is a composting consulting business dedicated to helping you recycle your food waste at your home or business on-site and with confidence 🙂 PGO also helps you keep plastics out of the landfill and upcycled.

Click HERE to learn more!

Click HERE to schedule a free consultation!

For more educational videos and photos related to composting check out my Instagram as I work to bring awareness to our plastics and mental health and housing matters issues here on the planet.

Click HERE to view the latest videos.

Thanks as always for stopping by!

Drew Mather

Owner of Purple Glove Organics



Contact Purple Glove Organics today, and I’ll help start you on the path to recycling your food waste, keeping plastics out of our landfills, and improving yours and your community’s environmental health in just a few easy steps!

Click HERE to learn more!

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